Friday, 2 July 2010

Types of fashion TV channels

This is a list of fashion TV channel websites that I have found:

I have researched fashion websites as well as Fashion TV channel websites and I have found that most of the fashion websites actually include a substantial amount of the content that is found on the fashion TV channel websites.

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Some specific fashion websites include an actual TV channel within them, such as ELLE .co .uk and VOGUE .com, however the channels have been built around the magazine. My task on the other hand is to create a website for a TV channel, therefore I will have to base my website completely on the TV channel and build all features and aspects around the channel.

Fashion TV Channel

I have decided to create a website for a fashion TV channel, simply because this is the type of channel that interests me most and I think that I will be able to complete it to the best of my ability as fashion is a topic that I am interested in. I also think that it will be the only channel that I will be able to finish to a level that would make the TV channel appear realistic. On the other hand I think that if I will complete a TV channel website such as channel four for instance I would not be able to complete it to a realisitic finish, due to the sheer possibilities of content. A fashion channel on the other hand does have a range of content, however, it is all focused and aimed around fashion in some sort of way.

Fashion TV Channel:

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